So in, so out...

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My phone died before I could upload these earlier.

It’s been a helluva day.
I’m lying in the bed in the boat, which is still on the back of the trailer, in a truck service stop. It is dark, and cold, and there is no heating. I can’t start a fire in the stove as we’re parked right next to a petrol station. I am wearing a head-torch. I can hear the sound of the cars on the motorway.

We’re about halfway along to where I’d hoped to get the boat today. Thanks to the crane bringing the wrong sized slings, we ended up setting off about 4 hours after we’d intended to. This means we ended up having to stop up somewhere on the motorway. The place the driver chose to stop has a motel, but it’s full. The next one is miles away.
So I am in the boat.

It is going to be a cold night, but I have some whiskey, a headtorch, and a book.

This is possibly the greatest adventure ever told. Some might say it’s simply a boat, but you’re watching a man move into his new house while it’s moving into its new house while sitting on the back of an apartment while it’s being used as a hotel room. Inception ain’t got shit this adventure.