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Drink Your Soundtrack Christmas To Drink To. Now That’s What I Said: Volume I. Shut Up, Mom.

Every bender needs musical accompaniment. This one does me well from November 1st to January 2nd.

Feel free to add your own depressing music in my comment hole.

Mogwai - Christmas Song
J. Tillman - Ribbons of Glass
The National - Afraid of Everyone
Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me Ohio
Hope Sandoval - Lose Me On the Way
Avett Brothers - November Blues
Nick Drake - Blues Run the Game
Frightened Rabbit - Keep Yourself Warm
Blind Pilot - Just One
Leonard Cohen - Sisters of Mercy
Morphine - In Spite of Me
Andrew Bird - Armchairs
Bowerbirds - Silver Clouds
Elliot Smith - Between the Bars
Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home

Bonus Track:
Mills Brothers - You Always Hurt the One You Love