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Anybody have connections with people at Amazon?

The little girl with terminal cancer that I’ve written about recently is finally in Columbus. Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City not only arranged medical transport for her flight to Columbus, but picked up the entire tab. She’s lived an amazing story, saturated with the kindness of others.

As I’ve stated before, the doctors have given little Ryan two months to live. More than likely, she will spend this time between Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus and hospice. Her only connection to the outside world is her television and her Kindle Fire. I was thinking if anybody had a connection to Amazon we might be able to get her a password for unlimited apps or games (or something).

I know it sounds overly simplistic, but this little tablet is one of the few things that has kept her grounded to her 10-year old world. She loves to window shop, play games and chat with her school friends and this dumb little toy has afforded her the ability to travel while hooked up to every painful needle, bag and/or poisonous drip of medicine.

It’s just a dumb thought, but I can’t think of anything else to do for her.