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Our friends’ daughter is 10-years old.

She’s been fighting cancer for 4 years. The cancer is rare enough that she’s been given trial status for the last two of those years. Experimental trials with exhausting chemotherapy that would devastate an adult body, much less that of a small, innocent child, and the parents just received the news that she has two months to live.

This isn’t my place to say anything. This isn’t even the right place to say anything. A post on a fucking Tumblr doesn’t do fucking anything to reverse this horrible fucking news. I just don’t know what to say, whom to say it to, or how to say it.

The doctors did everything they could and a 10-year old girl is going to die. Fuck cancer. Fuck everything. Fuck it all.

At this point, they would be $2.5 million dollars in debt if it wasn’t for St. Jude. That’s the only good I can say about anything right now.